Saturday, September 11, 2010

a boy's blog?

According to XXX, her brother says my blog its like a boys blog. Oh my it look so manly? i know that my interest is nearly same like a boy. but my blog looks like a boy's blog? are u sure about this? it is somehow 'yeng' only mah...hehe... hey bro dont get piss off about it... its nature la... the colour and the design its my favourite... maybe boy do like those colours...blek:P nah just kidding... pls dont get mad after u see this...hahaha^_^


  1. hehe, really hav some1 said so?
    i quite like the design yeh..
    my friend also say like~!
    perhaps we r different from other girls
    watever, we already diff in some other way, including, keigo n yushi.

  2. haha...ya i think so them...^^