Sunday, January 2, 2011

school reopen

aww... school reopens again... dont actually wish it to be so soon... just wanna enjoy the holidays before i enter into a stress world again... having times in cl is stress... as u can see most cleaver student is in the same class with me... aww... piles of stress~~
after getting know that im in f3 ease me but not for long as i knew that those cleaver ones is in my class... why is it like that!!! i want a better school life... competition is tough in cl especially exams...
i just have a somehow thought of my new year resolution... just wanna tell everyone that im definatelly gonna get rid of that 2,3 and 4 digit in my exam paper...(actually is twenty-smtg,thirty-smtg and fourty-smtg)
just an aim of mine to survive in cl... hehehe.... it seems stupid but its true... im going to try to get rid of them and will ask for permission so that i can go out with those friends whom came back from elsewhere(its a better chance to bargan with a good result)...
so new school life here i come!! just wait and see im gonna beat u up!!! yoru gambateh aka fighting!!! ^^

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