Saturday, February 19, 2011

bad luck

just come to express my bad luckness.... ah!!!
tuesday im so so happy to know that my new house is ready and im going to transfer there...
but bad dreams came slowly one after another...

1st: thursday i get to know that the renovation is so darn expensive its like double of other contruction... ppl count 50 they count 100... its not worth it so my parents decided notto renovate and we unable to stay there without light and everything...

2nd: i duty library on friday... as usual i drove out to front door as the back door which i usually useis locked... when i wanna cross the road... i scratch my side door just to avoid the stupid motor...

3rd: saturday... when i am going to drive home... i reverse and bump into my friends car... his is alright but my car bump in 2 holes... although its just a small hole... the reason im too good to left a big space for the car in front of me in order for him to park smoothly... but he take up a quater of my space... arr!!!

4th: sunday morning i woke up late baecause my dad dont set his alarm for me... i drove to tanjung tuition centre and discover that i dont have any place left for me to park... ps.i usually park opposite of tanjung in front of the petrol station... so i park at the lorong recomended by my father... and after 3 hours of tuition... what do u think... i have i big 'bak kua' in front of my wind screen... it cost me rm30 for that...

as a conclusion im darn bad luck this few days.... and my parent is happily buying my car no and 'bak kua's ' no... trying to get some luck... arr!!! bad luck bad luck pls go away....and dont come back anymore!!


  1. Wah, u can drive liao la? Nt come to fetch me also de? When u can drive? Beisyok lor... Nt even tell me eh, really beisyok liao! Belanja makan, haha... Jiang Sorry!!

  2. be careful with the car :) and yourself.

  3. its ok just bump into a big car and paid her rm50 T T