Saturday, January 29, 2011

this years first gathering

the 9 finally gathers together.... since when we all are grouped together a few months ago i think or maybe a year ago? haha... its quite long i think... gathering togehter makes me feel happy and warmth... its just like nothing changes although we all are all apart... i dunno when all the 9 of us can get together and gather again... its not impossible but its difficult...
emm... i hear that mandy is going overseas,hui min is going back selangor,xix and seok is at kl, sam is going other place for studies,left me beh manuit and kar kar at form 6... wow... we are all around the place... i think its more and more hard dont u all think so... but somehow we will made it if we all wanted to gather... so friends i wish u all good luck in everything u does,that include studies,relationship and health... do take care... the best wishes from me~~ ^_^


  1. all the best in your stpm year too. it's going to be a tough year :) no this will not be the last :) i'll see you again:)

  2. haha... yea~ wun be last~ XD Take care, my dear~